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If you want a clean world, this is your energy.

Energy saving

Solar energy allows you to save on electricity and gas bills, since the sun comes home for free.

Renewable energy

It helps to improve the environment, because polluting energy is not wasted.


You do not depend on multinational companies for energy supply, while the sun is shining, there is energy in your home. 

Installation of solar energy systems for your home

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

The energy collected with the photovoltaic solar modules is converted into electric light, usable for the electrical consumption of the house. It helps to save on the electricity bill in a sustainable way.

Thermal solar energy

The energy collected by the solar collectors is converted into thermal energy. It is used for domestic hot water (DHW), supporting heating of the house and heating swimming pools.

Solar Air

Solar air is to ventilate and heat the home. It is a technique that takes advantage of the sun absorbed in the thermal part of the collector and drives it through a fan into the home.

Ecological heating for your home or pool


Bon Sol Xaló advises its clients the best way to heat their houses.

Energy source Gas / fuel can be replaced by a heat pump, optionally run by photovoltaic solar energy, it could also be solar thermal energy that helps to save on gas / fuel. We also install pellet or wood stoves, which are less polluting energies than fossil fuels (CO2 neutral).

Heat emission systems: we always recommend radiation heating, which is the most comfortable and pleasant way for the human body. The ideal system is the radiant floor or radiant wall, there are also large low-temperature radiators. These systems offer maximum comfort and energy savings.


The heating of the pool helps to take advantage of the pool for longer periods, the season is lengthened.

For its realization there are several ways: heat pump (optional in combination with photovoltaic modules), solar thermal energy or solar covers, which accumulate the sun’s heat in the water during the day and avoid losses at night.

Good for nature, good for you.