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Solar air

Air that ventilates and heats the house

Solar air is to ventilate and heat the home. It is a technique that takes advantage of the sun absorbed in the thermal part of the collector and drives it through a fan into the home. The fan in turn is run by a small photovoltaic module, integrated in the same collector.

The solar air enters the house filtered and clean. Good ventilation is important in these times of virus, also to avoid humidity, which can cause health problems and also in buildings.

How does it work?

Solar air collectors use a photovoltaic module with a fan to blow warm and dry air into the house, to ventilate and heat it during the winter, so that you are always comfortable. Bon Sol Xaló is proud to be the partner of the german Grammer Solar brand for the Costa Blanca www.grammer-solar.com).

Why choose this type of solar energy?

Solar air is a sustainable and healthy way to ventilate and heat the house and improves comfort. It helps to raise the temperature inside and thus supports the heating, it also removes humidity, which is healthy for people and prevents damage to the building.


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