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Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Also known as solar panels

The energy collected with the photovoltaic solar modules is converted into electric light, usable for the electrical consumption of the house. It helps to save on the electricity bill in a sustainable way and can be a solution for country houses without connection to the electricity grid. With that kind of energy you can become self-sufficient.

How does it work?

Solar panels have photovoltaic cells that create a field of electricity between the layers. This field generates an electrical circuit that after an inverter is converted into a current that can be used for the electrical equipment that we have at home. There are batteries to accumulate the energy that is not used at the moment of generation for later use at night. We would love to tell you more and advise on your specific situation.

Why choose this type of solar energy?


There are many reasons why you can choose that type of energy. Perhaps you live in a place where it is not so easy to connect to the electricity grid, or perhaps you simply want to achieve self-sufficiency by collecting your own clean energy. It may also be that you simply want to help the planet and are looking for better ways to use clean energy. Whatever it is, we’d love to tell you more about the options


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