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Ecological heating

Ecological heating for your house and your pool

If you want your house and pool to have a comfortable temperature, also during the coldest times of the year, there are several ways to achieve this. Today many houses use non-renewable energies that pollute the environment, in addition spend a lot of energy. At Bon Sol Xaló we believe and know that there are cheaper, more sustainable and more pleasant ways to do it. There are many different types of green heating, of which we are counting more now.

Ecological heating for the home

There are many ways to heat a house with renewable energy and applying techniques to minimize consumption. We advise clients the best way to do it. As sources of clean energy there are solar thermal and photovoltaic, also solar air, heat pump (aerothermal) and pellet or wood stoves. We also carry out underfloor heating installations and low temperature radiators, which are techniques to minimize energy consumption. Each house is different and therefore each solution is tailored.
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Ecological heating for the pool

If you want to take advantage of your pool for long-term use, it can be heated by a heat pump (optionally powered by photovoltaic solar energy) and / or solar thermal energyRead more about solar thermal energy on this page..

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